Finance Committee

The Finance Committee

It’s not just balancing the books

The Finance Committee, also known as Fi-Com, is one of the most active committees in our congregation, but you might not know it because for most of the year, their work is done during their monthly meetings. But what exactly is that work?  Inquiring minds want to know . . .


Each year, the Finance Committee works with the minister and each of the separate committees of the congregation to set the annual budget.  The congregation has made a commitment to our minister to make sure that his or her salary is in keeping with the recommendations of the UUA.  It is also important to the committee that our staff members are paid fairly and equitably for the jobs that they perform and that our committees have the funds they need to do the good work that they do.


The Pledge Campaign is one of the most important tasks of the Finance Committee.  Once the annual budget has been set and approved by the Board, the Fi-Com organizes a group of volunteer canvassers to speak to each and every member of our church about the proposed budget and our fiduciary needs.  Being a canvasser is a great way to meet our members and to ensure that our financial ship keeps floating.


In concert with the Board and the Treasurer, the Finance Committee works to ensure that our funds are being used wisely and with care.  To make sure that everything is in good order, the Fi-Com establishes a yearly audit that is in alignment with the guidelines set by the UUA.

We need you to serve on the Finance Committee!  You do not have to have a background in economics or accounting.  You don’t even have to be good at math.

One of the primary goals of the Finance Committee is to help re-create our church community as a “Congregation of Abundance,” as our treasurer Gaye Webb has so aptly stated.

Being a part of the Finance Committee is a step in that direction.  To provide an open place for generosity to occur,  to commit to caring for our gifts, to honor each and every donation regardless of the size, and to ensure that we have the funds we need to do our good work, these are the responsibilities of the Finance Committee.

Join us!

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