Organizational Structure

Each congregation is a self-governing, democratic community. The Unitarian Universalist Association offers helpful resources, but it does not make decisions for our individual churches. We make our own decisions through the democratic process.

Organizational Structure


Our members are the ultimate authority in our church. In open, annual congregational meetings, voting members use parliamentary procedure to elect officers, approve the annual budget, and make other major decisions.  Meetings are every May.

Board of Trustees

Church members elect a Board of Trustees to manage the business of the church. The board has 9 members and meets every 2nd Thursday of the month. Church members and friends are welcome to attend board meetings and are encouraged to read the meeting minutes.


The day-to-day work of the church is carried out by various committees.  Any member or friend of the church may join a committee.  Each committee elects its own chair and other leadership positions.


Our church is a nonprofit corporation. Our bylaws define our basic governing procedures, such as how one becomes a voting member and when elections are held.