Property Committee

The UUCBV Property Committee has the primary task of overseeing the maintenance and repair of the physical plant and grounds of the church. We also are responsible for securing the facilities on Sunday after service. It is important for members to remember that our congregation, not a higher governing authority, owns our buildings and grounds. Thus, the property committee asks that everyone serve as a steward of our property. We can perform our committee function most effectively when all members clean up following use of the facilities and bring to the committee's attention any maintenance or safety concerns.


  • The Property Committee meets approximately every month, usually on a Tuesday evening, over a sandwich and fellowship at the Blue Baker on Dominik.

Should you need to contact a committee member or to report a needed repair or maintenance issue, you may contact:

  •  --  Our Committee e-mail box
  • Ken Appelt, 979-450-3333
  • John Ivy, 979-324-9834
  • Steve Wikse, 979-695-1631