What We Offer

Working toward the fulfillment of our Vision, we strive to make meaning as an ever deepening spiritual community engaging with all we find sacred through our worship and religious eduction.


  Religious Education

  Monthly Ministry Themes

Achievement toward the second component of our Vision - making connections within our congregation, across generations, and out to the wider community, across differences of all kinds - is achieved with our covenant and affinity groups, and inter-faith projects in conjunction with other religious institutions in Brazos Valley.

  Caring Committee (link coming soon)

  Small Group Ministry

  Inter-faith and Community Relations (link coming soon)

We strive to make a difference (the third component of our Vision) in empowering every person, young and old, to serve others in daily acts great and small, to sustain the world and make it whole.  Our social justice committee provides leadership to our members in our efforts to reach this vision.

  Social Justice (link coming soon)

Read our monthly newsletter, to learn more about 'what we do' and how you can be part of our religious community.  View our monthly calendar for your opportunities to make meaning, make connections and make a difference.